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Chapter 5: A Star in the Dark Night

Ibarra asks to be brought to the Fonde de Lala hotel, where he fails to notice the noise and music coming from the house of Capitan Tiago (which can be seen from Ibarra's hotel). He is bothered by thoughts or visions of his father, Don Rafael, suffering in jail and eventually dying there. In the house of Capitan Tiago, people admire the beautiful Maria Clara. However, instead of Capitan Tiago beaming with pride, it is Padre Damaso who is seen smiling like someone most fortunate.

In this chapter, Rizal introduces a young Franciscan friar, Padre Salvi, parish priest of the town of San Diego.

Some Notes

  • It is possible that Padre Salvi arrived late, which explains why he was not able to participate in the grabbing of seats of honor at the dinner table. It would help the reader to pay close attention to the way Rizal describes this friar.

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